In your opinion, are cats or dogs better? Why?

In your opinion, are cats or dogs better? Why?

That depends on what you mean by “better".

Cats are better in terms of care. They are easier to care for, because:

1.They groom themselves. If a dog gets dirty you need to give it a bath.

2. They are potty trained almost immediately. Give a kitten a box of sand and he does his business without any further instructions.

3. A cat is more independent. While not recommended, since they are social creatures and need company, they can handle solitude much better than dogs.

4. A dog is just a bigger responsibility. Essentially if you get a dog you have the responsibility equal to having a kid. You need to take them everywhere with you or make arrangements for someone to walk and take care of them while you are away. Let us face it a neighbour or friend will be more inclined to feed and clean up after the kitty for 10 minutes of his time. Not so if he needs to spend an hour with the dog.

Dogs are just better at following commands than cats. We have specially bred them with this quality in mind for many generations.

In terms of home defence a dog is better. A cat fights only when it no longer has the option to flee.

Overall both have their pros and cons. But if you want a creature in your life that loves you and can be your companion, both are equally valid choices. Best of all they will never leave you as long as they live.

Before anyone starts pointing out that “they do not love you, they just want you to feed them", I can safely say that it is not just about feeding. Both require and seek out attention and warmth. If you just take care of them without playing with them and petting them, you will have one miserable pet.

Thank you for reading. Have a look at my pet as your reward for making it this far:

Ahh so relaxed. No he is not dead.

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