My duck hunting list goes like this.

My duck hunting list goes like this.
  1. 12 gauge Shotgun

  2. Size 4 steel shot (pack twice as much as you think you will need) I shoot Kent shells.

  3. Waders. A good set of neoprene chest waders. I use LaCrosse in a shadowgrass pattern. I wear Remington wader pants underneath.

  4. Duck hunting parka. I wear a Columbia shadowgrass patern hunting parka.

  5. A stool. Having a nice stool or chair to sit on in the blind is nice. One that swivels is even better.


    . A mixed bag of mallards and other ducks, at least a dozen. Depending on the size water you will hunt. Maybe several dozen.

  7. Duck calls. I always have two duck calls and a feeder call. Maybe a goose call too. And practice practice practice.

  8. Yazoo hat. Again I use a waterproof Columbia hat in shadowgrass.

  9. Gloves. Something waterproof that you can shoot with.

  10. A well trained hunting dog. I have a chocolate lab. I stress well trained, this can either make or break your hunt.

  11. Duck blind material. Some kind of burlap or other material that can be spread out and zip tied to tree branches.

  12. Robo duck. Any kind of battery operated flying duck decoy can make high flying birds turn and look. Make sure your batter is charged.

And some bonus pictures of some ducks I have shot this year.

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