Some knowledge points about fishing

Some knowledge points about fishing

How do I choose a good fishing bag?

I’d say the simple way would be to identify what you want to carry and where you are going. Those two things determine the frameworks and see the first step. Next would be style. Then finally, price.

Maintenance Tips for Fishing Float

Compared with other fishing tackle, more attention shall be paid to the maintenance of fishing float. Though it’s not as expensive as fishing rod and reel, we need to store and handle with care because of its vulnerable material. The following aspects shall be minded when maintaining the fishing eyes for anglers.

It’s recommended to store the fishing float in the fishing box or the rod bag. In order to prevent the mutual squeeze between different fishing tackles and to reduce the collision, an exclusively made fishing bobber box or tube shall be prepared. The box or tube shall be solid outside and soft inside with a specially made storing groove. The size shall be compatible with the fishing float. Make sure there is enough space. Try to put in or take out the bobber gently to avoid man-made damage.

In addition, special care shall be paid when inserting the float into the seat or pulling it from the seat. Make sure there is enough space for the float feet and the seat. After angling, it’s necessary to clean the bobber thoroughly with a wet towel. This will make bobber smooth and maintain its colorful visibility so as to extend its lifespan.

Apart from the above prolonged exposure to sunlight shall be avoided when fishing in hot summer. When you are following the right procedures to maintain fishing bobber, it will always bring amazing result to your fishing journey.

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